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Barriers and Gate Automation


Smart Security Systems offer a complete range of road barriers and gate automation equipment to satisfy any customer's specific requirements.


Also on offer is a full selection of accessories ranging from traffic lights, safety, and miscellaneous equipment; through to signs and notices.


Control equipment can range from a single wireless radio-fob, through

to audio/video intercom; or readers as part of an Electronic Access

Control system. 


We can supply, install and maintain any barrier to suit

the customer's needs; for example manual or automatic,

low-use or heavy-duty, single-arm or skirted, standard or

auto-locking, short or long beam (all sizes from small rapid

action speed barriers right up to 14m commercial units).



Special control programs have been developed for customers

specific needs, often combining automatic barriers with each


or complementary systems such as gates. 


There are a number of operator types from which to choose. The operator is the motorised element that controls the physical movement of the gate either directly or indirectly. The operator usually controls both the opening and closing movement of the gate and is regulated with variable pressure adjustment to suit each installation.  Different operators lock open or closed.  They can lock in both positions or be non-locking in both positions.  Different speeds of operation are available together with standard and non-standard sizes for varied applications.



Operators can be visible above ground or concealed underground with manual overrides fitted.  The direction of opening and the amount or degree of travel together with the weight of gate and probable wind resistance will also determine the type of operator best suited for each application.  The usage cycle and potential for abuse, from natural or man-made conditions, will once again influence which operator is recommended.  Typical values of installed operators are as follows:



VISIBLE RAM OPERATORS (Up to 100-degree leaf swing)UNDER GATE OPERATORS (Up to 180-degree leaf swing)

Higher-risk sites do not favor under gate operators unless they are heavy-duty rated.  Under gate units are required when swing gates need to open beyond 100 degrees.  As under-gate units drive the hang style/end of a gate the loads needed to control the gate leaf are considerable and especially so during 'snap'.  This is the point when a gate changes direction without delay; commonly experienced during a situation when a closing gate stops and reopens upon safety.  All high-use sites create 'snap' regularly and this is the main reason why, in these environments, under-gate units are less suitable than rams which affix approximately one meter down the gate leaf.  This gives a ram a big mechanical advantage over a jack under-gate unit. Local site conditions are beyond the responsibility of any system installer, therefore it is the owner's responsibility to ensure all soak-aways and drainage for any vulnerable component is maintained. This is highlighted when under-gate operators are installed. Soak-aways are created and tested at the point of installation and when serviced; however silt, leaves, and other forms of debris can block the soak-aways often resulting in inadequate drainage and risking operator failure. Under-gate operators, especially fed units are most vulnerable to flooding, and as such their drainage and soak-aways need to be kept in good working order. If the installation has poor drainage or a high water table, it is not recommended that under-gate operators be used.



We also supply and install:






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